Medication Madness


I was reading comments today on a support page I follow and I was so disheartened. The topic was about those with both PCOS and Hashimoto’s disease.
Initially the comments pertained to whether or not any other readers had both also; then it turned to what medications to take….   I have both. I kept commenting that medications for PCOS made my situation worse and that I’m doing so much better right now without medications, but my comments were politely ignored.

Medications that mask a symptom don’t alleviate the cause of the symptom, just let the cause continue to go unattended until the mask no longer works and you are left staring at a MUCH LARGER PROBLEM! I was put on Metformin, a medication that helps control the level of glucose (sugar!) in your blood. I was surprised that my heavy and long periods and my inability to conceive a second time (after my first child was conceived in 6 weeks) was going to be helped at all by leveling out my blood sugar. And if so, wouldn’t a diet change help me and my future pregnancy much better then a drug; better in the long run? These were questions my Ob, though an awesome OB, couldn’t really answer.

I continued to read the comments, “What is your dose? You may need….” and “Have you been tested to see if you have type 2 diabetes?” and “You may need insulin injections too…”. Not one other comment about the fact that insulin is directly effected by what you eat, and that by altering that in a healthy manner you can avoid diabetes and manage PCOS! Why add a medication that clogs your liver and masks the real issue?

On top of it all I was able to conceive on Metformin but as my research later revealed it caused my body to rob cortisol from the fetus (my son) causing intestinal developmental delays that resulted in his inability to process proteins. He paid dearly for my lack of knowledge and not changing my diet before conceiving him. This fetal robbery is why there is an increase in other issues such as autism, spectrum disorders, severe allergies, and more…

He couldn’t nurse. He screamed all the time and hated to eat. He didn’t gain weight and wouldn’t sleep and he threw up almost everything he put down. At 2 months old he was put on specialty formula at $40 a can and after months with very little improvement (and the looming risk of invasive procedures to figure out the cause) he was put on $1000 a month special prescription formula that he was finally able to keep down. Now at 16 months old he still drinks 3 bottles a night (although at 13 months old was able to switch to a Gerber baby formula) and he still has several during the day. He eats real food but much of it goes straight through him. I’m not sure what nutrition he’s able to pull from what he eats and he still happily drinks his bottle and with them finally feels satisfied. He needs the nutrition….

I don’t wish my scenario on anyone. It was/is the most helpless feeling in the world.

I finally had to excuse myself from the support pages’ conversation. I was heartsick. What I’ve done, with God’s helping hand, is nothing shy of a miracle and I can tell people how to get this miracle for themselves, but no one wanted to hear.

Part of my journey was dealing with periods so bad that I would bleed for over a week, spot for 7-10 days and then heavy bleed for another 7 and then spot for 5 and then bleed for 12 and then I might get a 2 week break and then back again. It was like having a constant period. And the anemia was an issue because of this constant bleeding. Nothing like ANOTHER reason to have fatigue, like Hashimoto’s isn’t enough.
I now have regular periods! That in-and-of-itself is reason to shout form the mountaintops!

March 1st a year ago I took a stand. My son had just been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy/inability to process and I was like, NOPE! I’m not claiming this for him, or me. They may have said it but I wasn’t about to.

Proverbs 18:21
The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

I started reading everything I could get a hold of took action, starting with The Word (of God). I went gluten free and low carb right away. What a difference! As my other blogs are detailing I first decided that I needed to be off prescription medications before my diet could truly have a positive effect. You need your liver to adjust thyroid hormone into a usable hormone, and to break down and filter out sugars and other things that effect insulin levels. Until my liver was free to do these jobs it was going to be continually tied up filtering Welbutrin XL and other medications (I was told I’d be on for life).

1 Corintians 12:31
So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

I also dropped all processed food (except dairy~I held on to that, good dairy farmers’ granddaughter that I am) and began to let my body heal enough to let go of medications. I found in my Word how God clearly tells us what is for us to eat. Amazing but Cheetos don’t grow on trees (a personal favorite) and thus are not in God’s word as a food. The last drug I was able to stop taking was the Welbutrin XL on the 6th of November 2013. What a feeling that was! And for being the worst winter in 25 years I’ve felt great! God has truly blessed my faith and my willingness to have him be my source of mental well being.

Matthew 11:30
For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.

Philippians 4:6-8
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

That last verse I have said and written a lot these last few years. In the midst of debilitating panic attacks and severe hypoglycemia among other things it’s amazing how when you seek God’s face he takes all that upon himself and restores to your mind a peace that is unexplainable, unreal. And so very very appreciated and needed.

I’m now working hard to undo my insulin resistance with the amazing help of Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s book “Why do I still have thyroid symptoms.” and the book by Haylie Pomroy “The fast metabolism diet”. See my pertaining blogs. What a difference.

I encourage everyone who wants to find wellness and NOT LIVE IN THE LAND OF MEDICATION BAND AIDES to find these two books and buy a notebook and go to town. You aren’t going to be able to put them down!

Do you have questions about what I’ve been through or want to have a blog on a different part of this journey? Please leave me a comment!

Wellness lasts a lifetime and makes that lifetime longer and more fruitful. Medications hide the issue for a later date and usually the monster the medication was hiding grows and grows until it can’t be contained anymore.

Stop the beast in it’s tracks!



About Mel Phipps

I'm a work-a-holic turned wife and mom who struggled for years only to discover that hashimoto's was what I was dealing with. I'm a wellness advocate and blogger helping those through my journey and discoveries.

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  1. Sad but true! People do not want to get well. It’s much easier to be on medication and nurse the symptoms than to do a little extra to be sure that your God given temple gets what it needs to be healthy. I call people out often and they will totally ignore what I say about natural supplements and talk about how sick and broke they are because of the RX. Smh

  2. I was put on metformin to help me lose weight . It stopped my period I had like yours dead in its track. metformin in the long run causes weight gain and when taking it turns your body into a diabetic state. I recomend not using it unless you have too. Good luck too you . I am only on Synthroid . I stay off medications unless I have to be on them. Ultime
    tly everything eventually damages you .

  3. Mel this sounds like some of the exact same problems I’ve had, no one can figure out just what’s wrong same period issues and the inability to conceive allthough I now have a healthy five year old after two years of fertility treatment. The latest after trying to conceive number two is you may have pcos so let’s try this fertility drug after a couple months a quit that route for now, and I’m still seeking answers to my health problems

    • Don’t get discouraged. For info on what helped me I highly recommend you read the victory lap blogs. Cut out ALL PROCESSED FOODS. If you can’t read the ingredient and know what it is it’s not liver friendly. Stay away! Your body will heal itself. It’s an amazing thing! If you find a topic you’d like a blog on please let me know. Speaking healing and peace over you in Jesus name! Stress can be just as dangerous as processed foods. The Word promises children as a blessing from God. Google “bible verses on children and motherhood” and write them or print them. Read them every chance you get and claim them for yourself! I look forward to your praise report!

  4. Thank you for posting the link to your page in the support group on Facebook. I have both Hashi’s and PCOS. I am 29 and hate the fact that I am on medication. I went gluten free/ paleo 3 weeks ago. I am down 15 lbs and truly feel much better already! I know I have along way to go, but my goal is to be off all medications eventually. I’d like to follow your blog. You are very inspiring.

    • You are so very welcome! If you have anything to add please let me know! Helping others not go through the ringer just trying to regain wellness is why I started this blog. I am believing in your complete healing! My goal is the same as yours, to be prescription drug free. I look forward in the near future to your praise report! Too follow just ‘subscribe’ with your email. It’s on the home page on the right. My new posts will go there for you. I do about 1 a week.

  5. Your blog is so interesting. I just linked to it somehow. I love te aspect faith plays into your healing and I look forward to reading about your journey. I’m on a real food journey for different reasons than you but love that we can all find things in each others stories to help us continue our personal healing and health journeys. Keep blogging!

  6. omgosh im having the same problem! i cant seem to get across to my family that yes!! we have hashimotos! just because your doctor doesnt know what it is, and therefor cant tell you, its true. i try not to panic you know?? but its really rough. and then they talk about how eating gluten free seems harder than the problem…i just dont know what to say anymore. i should just gracefully just let God handle it:)

    • When I have someone close to me who I can’t seem to reach about something I give it to the Lord. Sometimes many times a day. Hers a prayer I say….. “Lord, I can’t change so in so. You know my heart and that their opinions matter in my life. I need their support but arguing/disagreeing/their disapproval I can’t change. I give it to you Lord. I ask for the right words to say. Seeking your wisdom on what to say, when to say it, and supernatural peace when they say things that aren’t supportive. I love them and I know they love me. Thank you Lord for your supernatural peace. Amen” I hope this helps you too! Speaking wisdom over you. You are your best advocate. Read everything you can. I list resources that I love. If you find one I don’t have listed I’d love to know what it is! Hugs!

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