Support Groups

These are Facebook groups. Many authors have their own groups as well, so if you find an author that really helps you, going to their website will guide you to their support page, if they have one. Many are closed groups, all you have to do is ask to join.
By being closed they can maintain member privacy.

Hashimoto’s & Grave’s Talk Show   Closed group by Danna Bowman, creator of Thyroid Nation
“Every day, come here… talk, ask, discuss! This page was inspired by the amazing Hashimoto’s Institute. We want to help ALL the thyroid patients we can. Plus, I LOVE talking!”   (I’m an admin here) 

Hashimoto’s Happiness      Closed group started by Marissa Rave
Let’s heal together through positive thinking and supporting each other with laughter and positive stories of what worked for us…as well as sharing all our accomplishments in life while living with Hashimoto’s.
Note: no question asking on this blog. It’s for the uplifting sharing of victories.

Graceful Fight; fighting chronic illness with God’s grace
Created by Linda Relski Morales
Fabulous place to find rest and biblical support. Just a wonderful page. There is also a closed group.

Hashimoto’s Social Butterflies   Closed group by Penny Jensen
“In this Group I would like for us to Come Together As One, Communicate, and Support Each Other in Raising Awareness!”

Thyroid Healing Journey     Closed group by Raina Kranz
This is a more intense question and answer type page. Great place to ask a question and glean from other sufferers experiences. Just keep in mind it can be intense, so as a newbie I would block the posts from coming to your feed. It can be overwhelming when you see all people are suffering with. Remember, your mental well being is very important too and this group goes over intense and serious symptoms.
It is very informative if you keep it in perspective. We are all very different and won’t experience his journey the same!

Autoimmune in Tune    Closed group created by Angela Gatti Hayes
“Autoimmune In Tune…..Recently, this phrase popped into my head as I was testing my blood sugar, making an allergen free lunch for my 2 young kids, and trying to remember the exact time I took my thyroid medication…”  A fabulous support group.

Hashimoto Prayer and Praises       Closed group created by Bobby Jo Anderson
Such a fabulous page. It is very encouraging and will lift you up. You will also be able to ask for prayer support. A fabulous resource. God is our strength!

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