Oil of Oregano, by Kimberley Andrews, B.S.D.N


By guest author Kimberley Andrews, B.S.D.N

During my journey of health and healing, I realized that over the counter (OTC) medications that I had turned to my whole life without a second thought were not the best choice.  These products are made with inexpensive chemical ingredients and are not designed to “cure” my problem, only to mask the symptoms, not unlike a lot of prescription medications.  In addition, many of them have side effects that for someone like me (with 4 autoimmune conditions) will cause even more problems than I am already dealing with.  Along with changes to my diet, I realized that finding natural ways of dealing with common medical occurrences would need to be incorporated into my lifestyle changes.

Something I have dealt with for a long time is chronic sinus and ear infections.  I used antibiotics so often that I didn’t even have to go see my doctor.  I could just call him, tell him I had a sinus infection and he would send in a prescription (think that could be a link to my Root Cause?).  I realized that was now a pattern of the past but, it didn’t stop the infections.  I did get some relief from using local organic honey, rinsing with a Neti Pot and from not eating inflammatory foods that triggered my allergies.  Inevitably, I got a sinus infection.  Now what?  Well, I didn’t call my Dr. After some research in my old college books and of course the trusty internet I discovered Oil of Oregano (OOO). That’s right, oil from the herb Oregano.

Did you know that oregano oil contains powerful ingredients that can kill bacteria, fungus and viruses?  And if that weren’t enough, this natural plant oil may also boost your immune system, fight free radical damage and work as a general health tonic.

But you may have questions about what exactly this oil is made up of, is it safe to use and how to use it for maximum effectiveness.
Oregano oil may offer the following benefits:

  • May help your body fight off the flu and colds
  • May reduce pain and inflammation
  • Can kill certain germs and viruses on contact
  • May help repel fungi, parasites and yeast infections. May provides immediate relief from certain allergies and insect bites

Research has shown that oregano oil contains carvacrol and thymol; ingredients that are effective against E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella and specific strains of fungi. Oregano oil also contains a substance called rosmarinic acid; an anti-oxidant and antihistamine which may help reduce allergic reactions and fight free radical formation in your body.

For my personal needs, I have used Oil of Oregano to deal with a few medical concerns.  The first of course was the ever nagging sinus infection.  Oil of Oregano is very strong and does not have a pleasant taste (some like it, not me) so I found some organic OOO in gel capsules and was able to take them 2x a day for 1 week and voile’, sinus infection gone!  If you like the taste of the oil you can put it in tea or soups.

I also discovered that Oil of Oregano has been used successfully to kill off Candida.  I took it every night at bedtime for 2 weeks, followed a Candida eating plan (low sugar Paleo for me) and again, gone! (It can kill good gut bacteria too so make sure to use a good probiotic and take it at least 2 hours away from the OOO). Next on the list was a family member’s recurring warts on their hand/fingers.  Oil of Oregano applied topically, covered with a Band-Aid for 4 weeks made them completely disappear.  We have successfully done this before with the OTC wart treatments but within a few weeks the warts always came back.  Not this time!

My favorite success story is a friend who was suffering from the dreaded toenail fungus.  After trying several OTC products with no luck, he went to the Dr. and got a prescription for the medicine that has those evil fungus monsters dancing around under the toenail (I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial).  The afore (not) mentioned medication is extremely hard on the kidneys and can have serious lasting side effects.  I convinced him to try OOO after his daily shower and before bed each night.  The fungus slowly began to dissipate and after 3 months (the time it takes for the toenail to grow out) it was gone!

Oil of Oregano is very strong and it can be harsh on sensitive skin. If you think it might be too much for you at full strength, you can mix it with a carrier oil like olive oil or almond or jojoba.

Discovering natural remedies to replace the old faithful commercial chemical ones has turned out to be fun and an adventure for me.  If you aren’t as adventurous but would like to learn more about natural methods for healing, diet and lifestyle changes to address autoimmunity or other medical -problems please feel free to reach out to me!

Yours in Health,

Kimberley Andrews
Integrative Health Specialist

Kimberly Andrews

Kimberley Andrews B.S.D.N / Integrative Health Coach – Kimberley has over 25 years as a Nutritionist and over the last several years has begun specializing in Integrative Health Solutions. As a result of dealing with 4 Autoimmune conditions of her own, her passion for healing naturally was reignited.  Kimberley went back to school and is now immersing herself into the world of Integrative Healing.  She believes in food as medicine and in finding and treating any medical issue at the root cause.


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