Sugar Sabatoge; part 1

When I think about how far I’ve come, the biggest villain I had to conquer was sugar. It’s a daily battle, I can’t say it’s conquered. It’s been my nemesis, always right there in my face. Sugar sabatoge part 1

Sugar is in everything to an extent never before eaten in all of human history. If you read government sites they say it’s getting better, what they fail to mention is the ‘better’ is due to¬† “sugar free” products. Sugar is inflammatory, messes up hormonal balance, and effects all major bodily systems, but it’s food. The chemicals they use to make your favorite food “sugar free” is outright toxic and not a food at all. It’s like adding concrete to your favorite soda because it comes across sweet to your taste….um, no thanks. Not a good idea. These toxins are far more dangerous. If you aren’t going to give up soda, stick with the original and skip the diet, sugar free, or ONE versions. They are like drinking anti-freeze instead of too much sugar. Very dangerous trade-off. Sorry, rabbit trail…..

Back to what I was saying……

I receCYMERA_20141203_112450ntly began flirting with sugar. A little bit here, this cinnamon roll is okay there, what’s one chocolate bar? I’ve been very careful for so very long, it’s the holidays….. Oh my did I pay for it. My system was so out of whack that when I made normal flour cookies for my puppy, not gluten free ones, my body crashed. I had to knead the dough and hand cut the cookies. I had done it before when we first got her about 2 months previous with no issue, but this time was different. My hands began to itch, my face was noticeably swollen after we finished getting the cookies in the oven and I hurt; my joints and muscles, everywhere….and the headache. Ugh. The pain I experience since cooking those cookies last week has been equivalent to before I was diagnosed. What was the deal?

CYMERA_20141119_080333My system was already inflamed, like a pile of logs in a fireplace soaked in lighter fluid… waiting. Then I added heat…. whole wheat flour. Wooosh!!!!

A blazing inferno! It’s been a long 10 days recovering. I had to cut down to protein and healthy fat. I’ve been staying clear of carbs and drinking a lot of water, detoxing my system of the sugar. It wasn’t the flour alone that was the culprit, I’d already made those cookies once with no problem, the issue was the state of my system because of the high amounts of sugar I’d been eating. Mind you, I normally stay within 100mg a day of sugar a day. (Here’s a reference point: 90 mg of sugar equals 2 12 oz sodas). So what I had been eating recently was double my normal. I would have a whole chocolate bar, one. Or on another day I’d have one of my moms famous cement rolls, no pun intended, they are pastry dough rolls, small and crunchy. YUM! My total sugar intake was about 4 sodas a day. Total. This included the foods I was eating…..and it caused this much mayhem…..

I want you to see that compared to what most people consider a ‘normal’ sugar intake, my high sugar levels were very very low. It really doesn’t take much.

How much sugar do you consume every day? Dr. Datis Kharrazian makes this profound statement on page 97 of his book “Why do I still have thyroid symptoms?”…..

“as long as dysglycemia (when our body can no longer stabilize blood sugar) goes unchecked, attempts at supporting hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s are FUTILE.”

How many of you are reading this, miserably suffering although you are on a thyroid supplemental hormone pill and eating paleo? You take supplements and are minimizing stress, taking walks instead of heavy duty spin classes and doing ‘everything right’? Are you still having 3 or 4 soda’s a day instead of coffee, though? Or are you having a few coffees too, and you wonder why you are still so miserable…..? Still eating tons of pasta, albeit gluten free? Eating a baked potato with every meal? Has anyone ever told you about how inflammatory sugar is? That inflammation is the biggest enemy of Hashimoto’s and that you should reduce inflammation at all costs?

For the longest time, me neither….I’m with you. Sugar is the reason I was having chronic yeast infections, too, and they went away once I dropped down my sugar. But these things were never mentioned to me by my doctors. This key detail I stumbled upon myself in my research to find wellness. Now that I’ve been low sugar so long this recent scenario showed me how much the sugar was actually hurting me, how many symptoms it was really contributing too. Almost all of my misery was being encouraged by sugar.

I was a server for over 12 years. It helped me through college and gave me extra cash later. I remember one day a friend telling me that they had counted how many times I’d refilled my mug with coke…. 32 times. 32 cokes in one evening! And that was nothing huge, I drank it that way every day. My system was be thrashed and I was clueless….

Here’s what I found on a website recently that totally struck me… it’s about sugar statistics. “Shocking Statistics about Sugar Consumption:You have to see it to believe it“. Over a hundred years ago we consumed the equivalent of 1 soda in sugar a WEEK! On average now we eat the equivalent of 17 sodas a week. This site lists that we should be consuming no more then 9.5 teaspoons of sugar a day yet the average for children is 32 teaspoons and for adults it’s 22! Not really surprising that we are still seeing a steady rise in health issues.

I highly recommend you checkout this statistics page and read the entire thing….where do you stand? Keep in mind sugar free is MORE DANGEROUS!

You just have to walk away. Turn around and walk. away.

I get asked often, “well if I cut out pasta what alternative can I use for my lasagna.” To me that’s like have a broken leg in a cast toe to hip and saying “I can’t play soccer so what other high impact sport do you recommend?”. NONE. You’re healing. If lasagna is something you can’t imagine living without, it’s likely your biggest contributor to health problems…. Sugar is more addictive to the brain than cocaine…. The best substitute is a different eating pattern that has NO PASTA in it at all.

Hard to hear?

How much harder is it to hurt all day long? To be a zombie at 3 or 4 pm and be afraid to drive home from work because your eyes won’t stay focused (been there, done that) but yet at 10pm be ready to write a novel and stay up til 3? How much harder is it to take 2 drugs to help you, 3 more to help with the side effects of the first 2, and 4 over the counter drugs to finish off the other side effects? How much do all those drugs cost you? How about the emotional roller coaster that costs you friends and causes you embarrassment, being afraid of your own mouth because you have no idea what might come out? Don’t all those things cost so much more than your pasta? Soda? Candy? So on?

Only you can make the decision to walk away from sugar and find a wellness that doctors just don’t grasp is out there. To walk away form sugar and find emotional and hormonal stability. To stay away from sugar and walk away from joint pain, lower your serious risk of diabetes, lower yeast infections, stabilize female reproductive hormones, give your adrenals a break, and so on. In part 2 I’ll describe the connection sugar as to your hormonal system for better understanding. For now, do it for yourself. You can’t do it for anyone else, because you won’t stick with it. You have to want it.

I know you can do it because I did. You got this!

Be encouraged…. I always go to my bible as a source of strength. The ultimate source! Here are a few for you….

Romans 8:37-39

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Galatians 6:9

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

The Galatians verse is one I repeated over and over again in my mind and wrote on everything. Do not give up! It’s so very worth it!

God Bless!

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I'm a work-a-holic turned wife and mom who struggled for years only to discover that hashimoto's was what I was dealing with. I'm a wellness advocate and blogger helping those through my journey and discoveries.

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  1. We have much in common from what I can tell! Yes! Sugar is a no-no for so many reasons. It definitely causing my autoimmune condition to flare up. Glad we are connected now and I will be back to tour page! Much love!

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