Fat please, hold the grain.

I’ve noticed I predominantly review books. Ironic given I’m the last person you’d have expected to be reading books. For those who know me well I have never been a fan. My passion for information, wellness, and debunking all the baloney the medical profession had told me has driven me to read; everything I can get a hold of…
It pushes me to read more. The books I plan on sharing from today are from “Eat the Yolks” by Liz Wolfe, NTP and from “The Paleo Approach” by Sarah Ballentyne, PhD. Both are fabulous authors and I am excited to share what I have been reading!

Lets begin with a comment form “The Paleo Approach”…

“Fat-Phobia is rampant. For the  last thirty-five years, we have been taught that eating fat makes you fat, that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease, and that whole-grain pasta is a better choice! This is, in fact, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the truth, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating high quality fats. One of the most detrimental effects of this misinformation is the move away from healthy animal fats to processed vegetable oils.”

And here’s a quote form “Eat the Yolks”…

“Whether they’re whole or not, grain products are far more processed than fruits and veggies could ever be. It takes a lot of fertilizing, pesticide-ing, herbicide-ing, conveyor-belting, silo-storing, stoning, scouring, grinding, cracking, sieving, and fortifying to bring a loaf of bread, a granola bar, or a box of whole grain pasta from the field to the supermarket.”


Just read those two quotes again…. let them sink in. Whole grains aren’t the healthy super food that should be a part of our every meal? Nope. They are also genetically altered to increase their internal pest and disease repellant, their lectin content. There is one lectin protein I bet you probably already know, gluten. Shocked?! Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Gluten bothers so many, but I get asked why did it only recently bother so many when we’ve been eating grains for thousands of years? Well for one thing we ate meats and veggies regularly too, not just grains. The other thing is that genetically altered plants have had their toxicity increased for the good of the profit. (notice it’s not for the health of the product). It’s causing illnesses to increase exponentially.

We are so afraid of fats and so sold on eating the healthy grain bars in the beautiful green and yellow natural looking packaging. Did you know that’s a marketing ploy? You’re essentially being tricked. Big agriculture has ways to make their foods look and seem like the best choice, and they have HUGE marketing budgets to push it on every channel. They have their hands in law making, in other large businesses that mutually benefit from us buying their products, and their bottom line? Profit.


Profit…. not your health. Not the major increase in autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, and so on. The simple fact is that their one concern is the profits. Big agriculture is very profitable. After crushing soy for oil the chaff is feed to cattle. It’s devoid of any true nutritional value and not what a cow in a field eating fresh grass would ever come in contact with. No wonder milk is homogenized and pasteurized. It’s not because it’s needed if the cows are eating as they should be and are living in a healthy natural environment, … here’s a bit on what started the pasteurization of milk….

“Pasteurization actually destroys the beneficial microbes in dairy, and it was first adopted not because the unpasteurized stuff was inherently dangerous but because in the early 1800’s dairy cows were, for the first time, being kept in “distillery dairies” and fed the by-product of liquor production in what was called “slop milk industry”. Those distillery by-products made cows so sick that they produced equally unhealthy milk, giving all dairy, and nearly nine thousand years of dairy history, a bad name. At it’s best, dairy is a perfectly nutritious food with a long history in the human diet.” Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks, pg. 172

We created the mess that thus requires milk to be treated. We wanted to make the most profit possible. Liquor producers were throwing away all this grain and wanted to sell it or use it instead. Now we do this with all the left-overs from crop oil production. And it’s a very profitable industry. The fact that cows aren’t eating their preferred diet and aren’t wondering around in the sunshine naturally fertilizing their own food sources causes inferior milk and milk products. That’s why many milk cartons promote vitamin D on their cartons. It’s because they’ve have to add it to the milk. It didn’t have enough in it after all the processing to have much merit.


The healthy fats the milk could offer us are also removed. I eat a full fat greek yogurt with blueberries ever morning. I feel full and satiated. I don’t have the driving desire afterwards to munch and snack. My body gets what it needs. You know how hard it was to find full fat yogurt?! UGHHH! Almost impossible.

“When you process food out of its original form, you process all the appetite-regulating, tummy filling potential right out of it.” Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks. p. 152

Hungry at work? Are you reaching for a “100 calorie” snack pack from your favorite processed heath food? How long does that last you? I bet you open a few more then one. Come on, let’s be honest. I make myself a snack that’s half an avocado and a slice of bacon and a lettuce leaf. I wrap it in the leaf. That snack has tons of healthy fats and minerals. I feel full and it lasts me hours without feeling hungry. Though the snack alone might push your calorie counter into oblivion, if you aren’t hungry and don’t eat again for hours, your body has achieved a level blood sugar, you are getting the nutrients you need so your body isn’t begging for you to eat more in hopes of getting what you need. Your inflammation levels will go down because you are no longer eating high lectin foods that are toxic to our systems. You’ll start burning the fat stores you have because the famine of ‘no fats’ your body thought it was trying to survive through (by storing all of the 100 calories in that snack straight to your waist) has ended! Your body will feel comfortable burning fat stores it was desperately saving because it knows the famine is over and it will be getting more fat to use. Awesome, Huh?

I love how Liz describes the moment you read a label and realize that what you’re eating in the box you have in your hand isn’t food at all…

“…I like witnessing the “holy crap” moments when the realization hits that we’ve been tricked into thinking that something in a box with a list smacked on the side is, in some way food. It’s not. It’s not food. IT. IS. NOT. FOOD.” Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks. p. 176

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Where to start? Where to go? Ahhh!!!! All I have is boxes of food and prepackaged frozen meals and snack packs…. WHAT DO I DO!??!!??!!

Start small. Maybe shift your breakfast. Eat a whole egg, most of the nutrition is in the the yolks, (thus the title “Eat the Yolks”) so don’t throw it away! And add an avocado. Grab a paleo book of simple recipes. There are so many out there. Make little sustainable changes. You’ll find your hunger goes down. You won’t need to eat so much to feel satiated. Your body will be getting what it needs. Add water. Soda IS NOT WATER! A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces. (Example, I drink 70 ounces or more a day. Yup, do the math. I can take it!) If this leaves you enough thirst for a small soda here and there, consider it an indulgence, and a sparing one. Remember that it’s counter productive to bringing down internal inflammation and reaching your health goals. But I understand the need for baby steps.

This isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life. You aren’t starving yourself. I’m not telling you portion sizes for a reason. When you get what you need from your food you won’t need to eat your entire weight in food at every meal because your body will be able to tell you, “Hey, we’re good. Stop eating”. Wouldn’t that be fabulous!?

I want to end this post with a reminder that this isn’t a new philosophy, to eat whole, fresh, non-altered, non-pasteurized, not hormone filled, free range meats that are eating their natural diet. This is how it’s been since the fall from the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 9:3
“Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

No mention of boxed processed stuff here. God made it correctly in the garden, and gave us dominion over it all then. Once we were kicked out of the garden he slaughtered the first animals for Adam and Eve to feed them and clothe them.

That’s all we need to be healthy and whole! He knew it and provided it for us. God is Good.

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