Summer’s Over

Hello! I know it’s been a bit. Sorry for the delay. What a fantastic and crazy summer!

I’ve been reading a new book, several in fact, over the summer, so I can learn more and share more! The book I am still reading “Eat the Yolks” by Liz Wolfe, NTP is fantastic! She breaks down paleo eating, wellness, food and common myths associated with food, and does it in a fun easy to read manner. I’m just really enjoying reading it. There are so many books I read about this disease and regaining wellness that are so very difficult to wrap my head around. Liz makes the book fun. She shares what many of us are thinking when we read books that discuss things we’ve partially already figured out.

Here’s an example that made me laugh out loud…

“Everything we’ve been told about the dangers of fat and cholesterol is wrong. Wrong like airplane food. Wrong like a pair of acid-wash manpris.”   Liz Wolfe, Eat The Yolks,  p.33

She just says it like it is. I’ll delve into some of the more pertinent topics in the book for the next blogs but for now I hope to get you excited about looking into her book, and/or others! This disease is so different for each person. I’m so glad you are reading my blogs and finding answers but it shouldn’t take the place of reading some of these fabulous resources for yourself. Information in these books that strike me most are the details that relate to me, your experience could be something else completely and you may be able to get so much more of what you need from a book if you read it for yourself!

“What we really need is information. All the information we can squeeze into one place, so that we can learn how the heck we got here [believing real foods are bad for us, fearing fat] and why we need a change, and, from there, armed with knowledge and confidence in a new way of life, decide how we should move forward.”      Liz Wolfe, Eat The Yolks,  p.29

Have you gotten to that place yet? Where no matter how many doctors you go to you still feel lousy? Where you have no faith in pills because adding one for one symptoms’ relief only gives you a myriad of other symptoms to deal with? Step out! Take a chance. Find a book that speaks to you. Join a Facebook support group like Hashimoto’s Happiness (one of my favorites!) and Hashimoto’s 411 where you can run questions and concerns by others going through the same thing to see what worked for them or ideas on where to turn. Also Hashimoto’s Prayers and Praise. I claim my healing in Jesus precious name, though my symptoms have not all dissipated yet, so I often go to that page to support others broken and hurting and to be encouraged. There is support when you have prayer requests and you can share victories there, too, knowing you may be the bright light someone needed that day!

I had a fabulous summer and look forward to getting back into shedding light into the autoimmune darkness. I encourage you to grab a book that speaks to you and absorb it. There is a recommendation book page here on my blog for a place to start or go to one of these support pages and ask what everyone’s ‘ah-HA!” moment book was, they are more then happy to share! We know what it’s like to not have answers.

Another book I must recommend above all others is the Bible. I bounce everything off that. Nope, it doesn’t directly speak on autoimmune disease but it does detail how we should eat and where we should go for healing! I pray you find the answers you are looking for and am excited to continue sharing my victories with you! God bless!

“Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as i gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

Genesis 9:3


“My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words.  Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart;  for they are life to those who find them and HEALING to your bones.”
Proverbs 4:20-22





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