Victory Lap!

So, a bit more about me and this new personal victory I’m experiencing! I have amazing results to my new efforts and want to share them with you!
As you know I have Hashimoto’s disease but I also have PCOS, so says my doctors. (I am believing in my complete healing in Jesus name!!) The last two days I’ve stepped out in faith to further the reduction of the symptoms that linger (because again, I believe I’m healed)….

I haven’t felt so good in ages! This is what I’m doing….

I am an extreme hypoglycemic. Oddly enough the medication often prescribed for PCOS is an insulin helper medication. It was no surprise to me, sugar and I don’t play nice. I use to have severe seizures until it was discovered they were triggered by blood sugar crashes.


I decided to work on my insulin resistance. That is when you’re body gets so flooded with it that it just stops listening. This causes hypoglycemic spells and vice versa. I am drinking a lemon/lime/cucumber/maple syrup drink a sip at a time every 15 minutes throughout my day. That should be all I do for 3 to 5 days however because my sugar being low can run me the risk of a seizure and I’m home alone with 2 little children, I couldn’t take that risk. So I decided on a minimal diet. Fish and carrots. I can snack on the baby carrots or seer then in the pan with the fish. Works great.
Here’s my results so far. ..


I was successful all day yesterday. My snooze was set for 15 minutes and worked great to keep me sipping at regular intervals. Then I ate 3 fish and carrot meals. Cooked in coconut oil and with salt and pepper only. I felt great all day. NO BLOATING AFTER EATING!

Then this morning I went for a long jog. The longest I’ve done since before becoming a mom 5 years ago. I jogged a mile and a half in 34 degree weather and then walked the last half mile. I could have run it all but I didn’t want to over do it.

NO LETHARGY! NO DIZZINESS! I felt as good when I stopped as when I started! My body successfully cooled down and I wasn’t sick after! And the cold didn’t hurt to the bone like it usually does.

Then the best part, I went to shower and decided to step on the scale first. …. 4.8 pounds lost! My weight NEVER budges no matter that I’m gluten free, paleo, and extremely low calorie, and that I work out religiously. It was such a happy shock!

This plan that I’m doing needs to be monitored by a doctor. I do have some open minded doctors.

The insulin resistance rewind format is in the book by Dr. Datis Kharrazian “Why do I still have thyroid symptoms”. I recommend it to anyone!

I pray as you step out in faith for your healing that you have the same amazing results. God is so good!

About Mel Phipps

I'm a work-a-holic turned wife and mom who struggled for years only to discover that hashimoto's was what I was dealing with. I'm a wellness advocate and blogger helping those through my journey and discoveries.

2 thoughts on “Victory Lap!

  1. My attention span isn’t what it used to be (brain fog*) lol but this post had me mesmerized. I love what you have to say. Continue pushing forward:)

    • That too will clear up! I’m the foggiest when my meal is high sugar. Ps, high sugar in one meal for me would be the equivalent of what is in 2 peppermint patties. (Which for an entire meal is very low) add nuts and veggies and drop fruit to a treat after having eaten a high protein or high healthy fat meal. You’ll notice the brain fog lifts! (Healthy fats-egg whites (yup!) Avocado’s, salmon, nuts, mayo, and the best – coconut oil! ) Check out
      You GOT THIS!

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