“What the Heck Should I Eat” ~Mark Hyman

Hello!!! Today we are going to chat about chicken…. My kids could live on nuggets and some of my adult friends too! How about at your house?

Before we get into this chapter where we touch on a lot of things we thought we knew about eating when it comes to chicken, meat, and eggs… I want to remind you that all serious changes in life, especially in how we eat, are very difficult to maintain. They need to happen long enough to shift into a habit. Don’t give up!!!

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’”

Mark 10:27

God knows it’s hard. But with His help, ALL things are possible!!! Definitely ask for some help from Him today and here we go!

Did you know just 60 years ago we ate twice as much beef and pork as we did chicken….? Dietary misguided advice from the USDA flipped this on its head in short order and we now eat three times what we used to in chicken, and now roughly 20% less in beef and pork. That’s a HUGE shift! (p. 59)

“[This] advice led generations of Americans to trade in their scrambled eggs and sausages for egg whites omelets and potatoes. But those recommendations were wrong. Neither the chickens nor the eggs deserved their bad reputations.”
~ Mark Hyman

To adjust for this huge demand shift producers began Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations CAFO’s (p. 60)  and force fed them “grains, soy, and antibiotics to fatten them up as quickly as possible” instead of their normal grass, bugs, and seeds out in the pasture. This unnatural food was also fed to them in cramped spaces [Dr. Mark Hyman].

Thing is, the saturated fat we were all supposed to avoid in beef, was only 8% more than in the chicken!!! Such a minor difference in the scheme of things, not to mention we shouldn’t be avoiding it to begin with!!!  And now, due to this drastic shift in public perspective, the chicken demand had diminished their quality of life which transferred to the meat we were eating. They were no longer as healthy for you as they once were… the meat we were getting was no longer giving us the nutrition it once did.

Ironic. Sadly ironic.

“…what the experts got wrong is one of the biggest nutritional blunders of the past half century.”

mArk hyman

“What the Heck Should I Eat” Dr. Mark Hyman p. 62

I wish everyone was as on board with the correction to eating eggs as they were when eggs were slandered! Unfortunately that is not the case and many still avoid the yolks… Don’t do it! Resist!

Dr. Hyman goes through 5 things you need to know about poultry. I’m not going to hit them all… just the ones that really struck me.

Many labels that sound good on your meat or eggs really mean nothing. They are feel good buzzwords like “natural,” a token word to ease the consumer conscious who may have heard that the mass produced meats and eggs were not as healthy as they were once told. On pages 64 and 65 he goes over words like ‘fresh’, ‘cage-free’, ‘antibiotic free’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘certified organic’ and more. It was an eye opener and has helped our family be better consumers.

Save the yolk!!!! Not only are they power packed with vitamins and nutrients, they also are full of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats! Carton egg whites often have fillers, coloring, and other yuck added…. Grab a real egg over a box carton. Your body will thank you!

My nuggets image is a pun on the next point because nuggets really aren’t chicken. I know, you’re shocked, right? Like the process of making hot dogs (definitely watch that online and be prepared to never eat another hot dog afterwards) the McNugget is actually chicken paste… yuck!!! It’s not actually chicken meat. Some MRE’s for the military are chicken meals that on the package say ‘no chicken, chicken like substitute’ p.69. Wait, what? While some places do make nuggets that are chicken, their price does reflect this…

One more interesting fact: Did you know chickens are treated with arsenic? Yup. Kills bacteria and helps the chicken gain weight. If you aren’t buying organic, you are eating arsenic…They are fed organic arsenic but in the birds gut it can change into inorganic arsenic, a carcinogen.

Dr. Hyman then details the waste impact in areas where these huge farms are. The pollution dumping causes waterway “dead zones” (p 71) and contaminates the water for drinking.

“As for eggs, don’t be put off by the decades of misinformation. You should eat eggs freely – they’re great for you and certainly don’t cause heart disease.”

Dr. Mark Hyman p. 71/72

I pray this blog put chicken and eggs in a new light for you! Go grab a yummy omelet or rotisserie chicken!

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