What SHOULD we eat? #1

“What the Heck Should I Eat?!” By Mark Hyman #1

Ever feel like you’re being swept away?

Food. It’s a four letter word to some….

If food is one of the best ways to address autoimmune disease inflammation (hint: it is), then what on earth is safe to eat? Everything has chemicals, is processed, is packaged. Oh, I should garden? On my 1/16th of an acre townhouse lot? In my 4th floor apartment downtown? What?

You feel doomed before you even begin, I get it…I do. But you’re not! There is a way to eat clean, and not lose your sanity…

Where to start…

So, over the next bit I’m going to put out blogs about a book that has taught me so much. I’m not going to share ALLLLL the book so I highly recommend you grab your own copy! If a post speaks to you, look it up in the book! Tab it, reference it.

Before we dive in, know this…any permanent change takes steps and time. You don’t usually stick to a drastic, overnight, life altering overhaul. I mean, many have households with several other people to consider as well…and they won’t like the overhaul at all…trust me, I know.

Sugar withdrawal is a REAL thing folks….and it’s UGLY!

See sugar detox symptoms here

The first steps are to learn. What’s in your food? Why is bread inflammatory yet we’ve eaten it for a gajillion (made up number) years? Why is milk all of a sudden causing so many issues?


In Dr. Hyman’s book he starts off letting us know that our discoveries of antibiotics, preservation of food, genetically modifying plants to resist bugs and blight, and other modern inventions seemed absolutely awesome and only good….but they have come at a cost. Add to that many doctors don’t even study nutrition, and know very little about its effects on the body. It’s why your doctor doesn’t address it in your visit where he explains the 10 drug options you have and the subsequent meds you’ll need to be on to address all the side effects… Then throw in the lobbying for large food corporations to adjust what is and isn’t healthy from the government to suit the big food company’s and you’ve got a perfect storm of a mess. This paragraph is easily 15…45 blog posts alone…

Let’s take a step back from the mess. Have you read the label on the food you ate? Could you recognize what you are eating by the label? If I said “milk, cream, sugar” would you know what it was? Ice Cream!

What about…..

Yeah, me either… this is a Twinkie… a lot of research has gone into these ingredients, just not the kind of research you are thinking. Their goal is to hook you so you buy it over and over and over….

“A top executive at Pepsi told me how excited he was that they had learned how to grow and harvest human taste buds in a lab. It would allow them to easily road test their new products and create even more addictive drinks or junk food.”


And terrifying. No?

Step one…
Start taking note of what you eat. Grab a notebook and write down the amount of sugar from what you ate (your portion size), the sodium (again, in portion size), and a number…how many ingredients listed in the product. This information will shock you. Then, get ready to learn what those numbers mean to your health, or lack there of…

Another critical part of your wellness journey…the most critical I believe… God’s word.

I am a firm believer in God, and in his spoken word, the bible. His word is a powerful sword and I move forward in my life, health journey, and parenting through its guidance. As we move forward debunking popular culture on food, sugar addiction, chemicals, medicines, and so much more effecting our overall health and victorious living, I want to be drawn back to God’s word.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

As you read and think “I’ve tried this before, I’ve tried so many things and it never works, or I can’t stick to it”…take heart. You can succeed!!! You just can’t do it alone.

“Seek the Lord and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you!” Matthew 6:33

A relationship with the Lord will move mountains in your life you never thought possible! Can I encourage you to seek Him today? He is leaning in, waiting on you to ask him.

Grab your book and your bible and here we go!

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I'm a work-a-holic turned wife and mom who struggled for years only to discover that hashimoto's was what I was dealing with. I'm a wellness advocate and blogger helping those through my journey and discoveries.

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